Gardening in small spaces

Gardening in Small Spaces

Did you know that it is possible for you to grow your own vegetable garden in small apartments and cramped quarters? You do not need a giant backyard to have your own plants, after all!

If you are thinking of planning your own small-space garden, you have to make sure that you do it in a systematic manner. First of all, you should figure out how much space you have. This, you can do by finalizing the area in which you are going to garden and physically measuring the same. If you do not have enough horizontal space, find out if you have vertical space- and put your plants in a tall container, or use climbers! The area you have chosen must get enough sun. You should also figure out if the area you have chosen has soil (and if so, what type) or if you have to get it from somewhere else.


It should be possible for you to transport some water to the area where your garden is going to go up. You can choose to have a garden for decorative purposes (to make the house look better, or to cover up something ugly you have to keep in the house). You could also create your own kitchen garden, if you are not looking for something decorative.

Once you have figured out the purpose of the garden, and where it is going to go, you will be able to design your own small-space garden with absolute ease!