Gardening in small spaces, Tools and Gadgets

Considering a New Gadget


Gardening gadgets can make life easier.

Photo credit: Vilseskogen / Foter / CC BY-NC


While gardening is great exercise, I find I need a few gadgets to make it easier, especially on those days when I wake a little stiff and achy. One big problem is constantly kneeling, then moving a few inches only to kneel again. I tried the knee protection used by construction workers, but they didn’t really solve my problem. I tried a foam pad, sold in the gardening department, but I still had to struggle with standing, then moving the pad only to kneel again, in the new spot. I think my pride blinded me to other options. After all, no one wants to admit they are not nearly as lithe as they were in their early teens!

I saw something called a “Garden Scoot” while browsing a catalogue. I’m not sure I’ll get one, but it would solve most of my kneeling issues. The purist in me wants to stay as close to the soil as possible, knees and all. However, the aging gardener in me wants to end my knee pain and move around quicker. It even has a long handle, so I can pull it along, like a wagon, when I want to avoid the embarrassment of being seen by the neighbors while sitting on it!