Gardening in small spaces

Grow delicious Vegetables in Good Soil and in Pots


Many of the so-called fresh vegetables we buy in the store today don’t have the same nutritious value of the same vegetables out of our gardens. If you have a vegetable patch, it is important to investigate the fertility of your soil. What if your soil shows a deficiency in one of the basic fertilizers? The secret to growing healthy, nutritious vegetables is good soil. You can buy an inexpensive soil test kit at your local nursery or garden store. Results will reveal your soil’s pH and soil texture.
A high or low pH will result in plant nutrient deficiency. The best pH is anything between 5.5 and 7 as this will ensure your veggies can absorb nutrients. Always add organic matter to the soil which is natural and has the right mix of potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen for your vegetables.

Pots are Great for Veggie Growing

With richly fertilized soil, vegetables are stronger and grow faster. Insects find it harder to destroy healthy vegetables grown in rich soil. Remember not all vegetables need to be planted in the ground. In fact, any vegetable that grows in the ground can be grown in a container. If you don’t have space for a vegetable garden, there are some veggies that are quite happy to grow in pots. All you need is a generous-size container filled with good potting soil and a nice sunny spot.

Pots and containers are great for growing veggies and they allow you to also overcome problems such as poorly drained soil. Just remember to choose the right container which provides drainage. The larger the plant’s root system the bigger and deeper the container should be.

Gardening in small spaces, Tools and Gadgets

Considering a New Gadget


Gardening gadgets can make life easier.

Photo credit: Vilseskogen / Foter / CC BY-NC


While gardening is great exercise, I find I need a few gadgets to make it easier, especially on those days when I wake a little stiff and achy. One big problem is constantly kneeling, then moving a few inches only to kneel again. I tried the knee protection used by construction workers, but they didn’t really solve my problem. I tried a foam pad, sold in the gardening department, but I still had to struggle with standing, then moving the pad only to kneel again, in the new spot. I think my pride blinded me to other options. After all, no one wants to admit they are not nearly as lithe as they were in their early teens!

I saw something called a “Garden Scoot” while browsing a catalogue. I’m not sure I’ll get one, but it would solve most of my kneeling issues. The purist in me wants to stay as close to the soil as possible, knees and all. However, the aging gardener in me wants to end my knee pain and move around quicker. It even has a long handle, so I can pull it along, like a wagon, when I want to avoid the embarrassment of being seen by the neighbors while sitting on it!



Gardening in small spaces

Container Gardening

Cooks garden

Small space?  Beginner at Gardening? Fearing failure? Then container gardening is for you.  A cooks garden is a good choice for a beginner. Think herbs. What better use of a small space than to grow your own herbs? They are expensive to buy and quickly need replacing, so let’s grow our own. The most popular herbs for container use are

  • Basil,
  • Rosemary,
  • Thyme,
  • Parsley,
  • Oregano,
  • Lemongrass,
  • Assortments of mint,
  • Coriander ( Cilantro)

There is nothing more wonderful then just popping outside and cutting a bunch of your own herbs.  The scent is amazing. Take a look at this interesting video on herb pots which also suggests herbs for the non cooks among us… Don’t forget that most herbs can be frozen so you can have a winter supply of your favourites, take a look at Away to Garden, really useful blog.

Some pointers for when you start thinking about container gardening,

Use big pots! The bigger the better I find, obviously you have to take account of the space you have available but bigger pot equates to bigger yield. Use your imagination, on one of my balconies I had a collection of old mop buckets in a variety of colours, beg borrowed and stolen from family and friends. Loved it, so bright and cheerful, like a rainbow! Let me know what you use?

Use your imagination when it comes to containers.

containers provide imagination in gardening

Use your imagination when it comes to containers

As mentioned before think about what sunlight your plants will get and where you can position the pots.

How easy it is to get water to them?

Get informed; there are numerous websites and books out there for the beginner, the more you know the better your crops. I recommend McGee and Stuckeys” The Bountiful Container” full of interesting ideas and ‘how to’s’.

So don’t sit there reading go fill a pot and share with me what you are growing.


Gardening in small spaces

Gardening in Small Spaces

Did you know that it is possible for you to grow your own vegetable garden in small apartments and cramped quarters? You do not need a giant backyard to have your own plants, after all!

If you are thinking of planning your own small-space garden, you have to make sure that you do it in a systematic manner. First of all, you should figure out how much space you have. This, you can do by finalizing the area in which you are going to garden and physically measuring the same. If you do not have enough horizontal space, find out if you have vertical space- and put your plants in a tall container, or use climbers! The area you have chosen must get enough sun. You should also figure out if the area you have chosen has soil (and if so, what type) or if you have to get it from somewhere else.


It should be possible for you to transport some water to the area where your garden is going to go up. You can choose to have a garden for decorative purposes (to make the house look better, or to cover up something ugly you have to keep in the house). You could also create your own kitchen garden, if you are not looking for something decorative.

Once you have figured out the purpose of the garden, and where it is going to go, you will be able to design your own small-space garden with absolute ease!