garden decking

How to smarten up your garden decking area?

Gardens are one of the most versatile and most fun parts of your house to dress up. The entire garden decking area has a huge scope in turning your house from a normal average home to a luxurious resort. Decking up your garden is easy and not too expensive but it also requires style and a flair for bringing the best out of the area.

Understanding your garden deck

The first step to turning your garden completely around is to analyze what your garden looks like and the strengths that you can play towards. Large gardens are a wonderland for opportunities and can be created in to an entire themed garden. Garden corners, concrete pathways, the pool or fountain and even the rock bed and shaded areas must be noted. This is because; different pieces of furniture look good at different places. Placing a day bed under the shade of those huge oak trees would be a better and cooler alternative that placing it under direct sunlight. Garden corners allow you to play with angular rattan sofa chairs and a pool is the most amazing thing to style your garden around.

garden decking

Once you’ve done so, pick a theme for your garden. Theme does not mean under the sea or pirates or anything fancy, theme would mean urban, wooden, concrete or flowery or simply anything you can work it which allow a little bit of cohesion between things.

Picking the right furniture

Now that your garden and you have familiarized yourselves, it is time to pull in the furniture. A mistake commonly made by many home owners is to simply throw in a couple of garden chairs, add a table with an oil cloth around it and call it a garden lounge. Mistake, mistake, mistake. That may be good for a backyard but not a garden.

Garden furniture staples include lounge chairs, day beds, a table and chair set and even a swing. When shopping for garden furniture, the rule of thumb is to avoid anything with too much cloth or cushion as well as anything that does not have anti rust paint on it. This is because it may rain, it may snow and it may smog; and you definitely do not want to ruin your furniture investment. Rattan furniture almost always is the way to go. Rattan comes in a few types of colors and pair a set with spunky cushions to bring out the fun side of your garden.