About Me

I think I got attached to gardening because it was something my grandfather used to do. He used to claim that gardening is the closest a man could come to creating life with his bare hands- and after many years of toiling in the soil, I think I agree with him.

Gardening has been a friend to me for long, long years. It’s not just a relaxing hobby- it is one that pays, as well. A well-kept garden won’t just make your house look beautiful, it will give you a lot of things to cook with as well. I think I have gone many weeks without a trip to the grocery section of the supermarket- once you taste a fresh, garden tomato, the store ones just won’t cut it for you anymore.

Gardening is quite a simple hobby, but it might take up quite a bit of your time if you become involved in the process. As a gardening enthusiast who’s been doing this for more than two decades, I can tell you this with absolute conviction- there is no better hobby on the planet.


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