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Something on Herb Growing and Cooking

Herbs are great. They are fantastic for your health and they also add wonderful flavours to your food, vegetables, smoothies, you name it. Now who doesn’t know about my love for gardening, and coupled with the fact that I am a little bit of a health fanatic, I haven’t been able to resist preparing a little patch in my garden for herb planting. Herbs are fascinating and can be grown for fragrances, incense-making and for tea, but of course their main use, for me in any case, is in cooking for soups, poultry stuffing …..you name it. I think the reason more of us don’t use herbs regularly is because there is so much mumbo jumbo mixed up with most herb literature.


What I love is that herbs take practically no space, and because they don’t need any major soil preparation, you can grow them easily. Herbs mustn’t be planted in a wet place and I’ve got this perfect little patch close to my kitchen where I’ve got a good mix of soil, compost, loam and sand, all nicely sifted. I’ve got mint, basil, fennel, coriander, chives, sage and thyme growing and I know they’re going to be especially good on lamb. Want to start some herb growing and cooking too? Please share some of your ideas here and any tips you may have for me.


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