How does Your Garden Grow?

There are some plants which just seem to enhance the beauty of the garden, and it is exciting combining some indigenous plants with some exotic flora. I want my garden to be a rich treasure of varied, beautiful plants – even those which grow under difficult conditions. For me this is a big achievement getting these ‘difficult’ plants to grow. I’m always rewarded by glowing splashes of colour.


I know lots of people say it costs a lot of money to have a lovely garden. Just remember that lots of nurseries have a surplus list of trees and shrubs which have grown too large for their pots and they are marked down drastically as they need to be transplanted. Of course once you have learned enough about trees and plants, you can master the trick of getting them from the ‘wilds’ and having your own ‘wild garden’ on your own grounds.

To get your garden growing I always say ‘get your soil in shape‘. Organic substance is the primary means to build good soil for your plants. There is no doubt that rich soil will mean your plants will grow faster and be superior. If you’ve also got a vegetable garden, you’ll find that the insects are less likely to destroy your healthy plants grown in rich soil.


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